Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Movie-Sketches of Frank Gehry

We watched a documentary of famed architect, Frank Gehry. 

A few insights that struck a cord with me:
  • Artists take risks
  • Make the decision to say "no" to doing things like everyone else.
  • Director, Sydney Pollack:  Need to get to a point where you stop pretending to be, i.e. architect, director, designer--and just be.
  • Process of design: 
          back & forth between plans & models < give & take
          work on 2 or 3 scales of the same model
  • Vitra CEO on Gehry building:  "Forces unleased found a new order"
  • Bankruptcy in finances & relationships < low confidence
  • Teach clients instead of trying to seduce them into believing & understanding your work
  • Director, Sydney Pollack: "Talent is liquified trouble"
  • Find a small % of space in the commercial world where you can make a difference
  • Art as achitecture:  composition in art < composition in architecture
  • Guggenhiem Museum in Bilboa, Spain:  way to express feelings in 3D
  • Important elements & principles:  light & scale
  • Perception of process -- 2nd opportunity to do again
  • Free association into practical reality
  • How do you humanize a space especially modern spaces?  It's all in the materials
  • Surround yourself with good people
  • Accepts projects based on whether or not he likes the people
  • Most important influence on project:  THE CLIENT
  • Criticisms:  try on, look at, but don't take in
  • Form (Exterior) + Space (Interior) = Interrelated


  1. Interesting post on Frank Gehry - I enjoyed hearing your take aways. Taking risks is so difficult for me to do, but an absolutely necessary part of the design process. I look forward to learning how to take more risks!

  2. You took away a lot of great Gehry insights! So much of this should be kept in mind in our own careers and lives. Thanks for posting!

  3. You're welcome Victoria. I definitely plan on expounding on each of these points in the future.