Monday, March 7, 2011

The Living PoD

Moving from the theoretical into the practical, we are building a 3' x 6' x 6' Living PoD.  We have been given the opportunity to utilize a prime real estate location:  a loft in Atlantic Station--how cool is that--it overlooks the city on one side and Atlantic Station on the other side.  The space is huge and of course, as an Interior Design student, I was thinking about how to design that space . . . It's awesome and is definitely a piece of prime real estate.  It would be a great location for an Interior Design firm.  But getting back to the matter at hand . . . I feel like we are on Design Star.  Each of us in our designated spaces building our Living PoDs.  This is the culmination of a six phase project from Design Philosophy to Client Analysis & Justification to Parti to Construction documents.  Stay tuned for pics from the loft.